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Thanks for partnering with us on this book launch! By promoting The Soul Solution you are helping people melt away ego defenses and blockages that keep them from achieving peace, happiness, love and self-realization.

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Each partner submits a free gift and commits to sending E-mails, tweets and Facebook posts out to his/her list between August 21st and September 21st. With dozens of partners spreading the word, thousands of new people will be exposed to your website and services on the “bonus gift” page of the website.

We promise to make it as simple as possible for you by providing all the content including promotional e-mail text, and various suggestions for Facebook and Twitter posts.

We are dedicated to building lasting relationships and a strong community! If you have a product/service you would like us to share, please contact Mariko Drouin (marikodrouin@gmail.com) with the details.
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